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XOUT Capital CEO David Barse On How The ETF Compares To Overall Markets

XOUT Capital CEO David Barse speaks to Nicole Petallides of TD Ameritrade Network on how the XOUT ETF compares to the overall markets.

Active vs Passive - It's Over, Now What - January 2021

David Barse
January 5, 2021

David Barse, Founder & CEO, of XOUT Capital, discusses his views on the Active vs. Passive Debate

Yahoo Finance - Technological disruption has ‘really changed the paradigm’: XOUT Capital CEO

Yahoo Finance
December 28, 2020

"The paradigm for us is just avoid losers-just avoid companies that are in disruption" says David Barse of XOUT Capital

NASDAQ: #TradeTalks: An investment philosophy NOT based on picking winners

NASDAQ - #TradeTalks
December 21, 2020

XOUT Capital Founder & CEO David Barse joins Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq #TradeTalks to discuss an investment philosophy NOT based on picking winners.

Tesla’s Historic S&P 500 Debut Sparks Big Trading Volume As Investors Buy Over $80 Billion In Shares

Jonathan Ponciano
December 18, 2020

David Barse, Founder & CEO, of XOUT Capital quoted in an article on to discuss Tesla's historic S&P 500 debut. "Most of that action should happen today without much of a mechanical hitch: 'The market is pretty efficient when it comes to handling this type of volume and a lot of that technicality,' says David Barse, the founder and CEO of index firm XOUT Capital.

Will the Wheels Come Off the Market in 5 Years?

Larry Light
December 15, 2020

Doubts rise that stock’s boffo performance will keep rolling through 2025, although almighty tech might let it maintain some momentum, savants say.

How XOUT Capital Picks Retailers for Its Large-Cap Index Fund

November 26, 2020

Great write-up in Barron's on how XOUT Capital LLC picks retailers for the XOUT index fund

How the Pandemic has Accelerated Tech Disruption

November 23, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing have greatly impacted the way people live and work. As tech innovations and digitization ramp up to meet current demands, the pandemic is quickly shaping up to be the ultimate tech disruptor with wide-stretching and long-lasting effects on the tech market.

Both Sides Now: The Active Vs. Passive Debate Revisited (Podcast)

Both Sides Now: The Active Vs. Passive Debate Revisited (Podcast).

‘Seven Years of Being Just Tortured’: Why This Longtime Active Management CEO Started an Index Firm

Former Third Avenue CEO David Barse explains why he moved into the world of passive investing with his recently founded index firm XOUT Capital.

TD Ameritrade - David Barse Examines GraniteShares XOUT U.S. Large Cap Fund (XOUT)

Great Interview with David Barse and Nicole Petallides from TD Ameritrade.

This index ETF is beating the S&P 500 by excluding ‘losers’

Thank you MarketWatch for the write up on XOUT Capital.

David Barse in Authority Magazine's "Rising Through Resilience" series

David Barse of XOUT Capital: “Resilience means setting a goal, fixing yourself on what that goal is and doing whatever is necessary no matter the cost or time to complete that goal”

ETFs are a 'superior product' compared to certain mutual funds: CEO David Barse

Bloomberg TV, Scarlet Fu
October 31, 2019

Great TV segment at Bloomberg TV #ETFIQ with Scarlet Fu discussing passive indexing and how XOUT’s first index excludes the losers.

EQM Indexes Launches XOUT U.S. Large Cap Index

XOUT Capital
September 18, 2019

While traditional investment approaches focus on picking winners, XOUT focuses on avoiding the losers that are being disrupted by technology or secular change.

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