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‘Seven Years of Being Just Tortured’: Why This Longtime Active Management CEO Started an Index Firm

Former Third Avenue CEO David Barse explains why he moved into the world of passive investing with his recently founded index firm XOUT Capital.

TD Ameritrade - David Barse Examines GraniteShares XOUT U.S. Large Cap Fund (XOUT)

Great Interview with David Barse and Nicole Petallides from TD Ameritrade.

This index ETF is beating the S&P 500 by excluding ‘losers’

Thank you MarketWatch for the write up on XOUT Capital.

David Barse featured in Authority Magazine's "Rising Through Resilience" series

David Barse of XOUT Capital: “Resilience means setting a goal, fixing yourself on what that goal is and doing whatever is necessary no matter the cost or time to complete that goal”

ETFs are a 'superior product' compared to certain mutual funds: Fmr. Third Ave. CEO Barse

Bloomberg TV, Scarlet Fu
October 31, 2019

Great TV segment at Bloomberg TV #ETFIQ with Scarlet Fu discussing passive indexing and how XOUT’s first index excludes the losers.

EQM Indexes Launches XOUT U.S. Large Cap Index

XOUT Capital
September 18, 2019

While traditional investment approaches focus on picking winners, XOUT focuses on avoiding the losers that are being disrupted by technology or secular change.

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