Will markets rally or crash? Peter Grandich & David Barse debate stocks, gold, Bitcoin

David Lin, Kitco
May 17, 2021

David Barse, CEO of XOUT Capital, and Peter Grandich, founder of Peter Grandich & Co. join Kitco’s David Lin to discuss the outlook on equities, gold, and Bitcoin. Barse views equities as the main financial instrument to bet on strong market fundamentals. “I'm optimistic that the companies are going to continue to find ways to grow, and want to own the common stocks of those companies, that are going to successfully navigate through the future. So, my bull [case] is more, really an optimistic long-term fundamental outlook, and if you have that outlook, you have to be exposed to equities. That is the only asset class to be exposed to, to get that kind of exposure,” Barse said.

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